enlightening conversations, arguments and tales

conversations & arguments

Intense conversations incrementally enrich individual mental resource more positively and in far larger measure by those who observe the conversation than by those who are at it. Conversations between closely connected individuals with genuine affection and concern and also between formally connected individuals which make their association productive are potential source for enriching individual mental resource. Arguments in conversations can be profound to downright bizarre but are rich as resource to tell the reasons for the contradictions which happen to be rooted in deficient knowledge or in dominant elements of personality.

Expanding sets of real life conversations and arguments at thinktales are potent to charge mental resource by the glaringly obvious causes that enrich - respect, fondness and concern between individuals or for the decline in them causing distance between individuals by certain dislike to aversion to real hatred.

true life tales

thinktales is being built with stories crafted as absolute fiction from real cases of conflicts and despair of individuals that tell of truths of life that construct individual life wisdom. Stories of love, concern, conflicts and hate between persons connected by social and institutional knots; Stories of success and failures in dealing with life situations; Of the challenges individuals drift into, at times hopelessly, and their efforts and struggle in travelling back to normal living and even to accomplishing commendable feat. thinktales is informative, thought provoking and enlightening. It tells of reasons for why some succeed and why some fail. The resource is essentially about helping individuals discover peace and happiness that happens to be elusive generally.

counseling the ‘self’ by the ‘self’

Inputs that provide think help

As an incisive resource to knowledgeable individuals, insights and stories at thinktales would help reset mind premise quickly as they wade through tough challenges across issues and situations that can potentially cause hard to endure stress conditions. And to those who happen to be dealing with life challenges of varying complexity and face them with varying degree of despair thinktales would help in tackling the issues of challenge more effectively, possibly dramatically for good many individuals.

Life wisdom

The stories instill wisdom in the readers by explaining the risks in the flawed train of thoughts and pump in courage by examples of superior accomplishments from situations of despair much, much worse.

delivering experience of true life experiences

Perpetual research

thinktales is being developed through continuous research program seeking to define typical thoughts-flow and think-process logic in individuals by the varying comprehension and maturity constructs.

Incisive Insights

thinktales research is founded in an complex insights forming process that runs through structured research work across multiple professional teams of; psychologists, psychiatrists and professionals from the mental resource development and care domains with defined data sets and mapped thought processes in deciphering differential logic in the thinking across typical minds.

Insights forming technique and process is facilitated on the digital space enabling active research with more number of accomplished professionals for reinforcing the sense in the hundreds of very valuable insights we continuously develop and to expand the research into other large and extended homogeneous social cultures in other parts of the world.

Sleep, Memory

Research on thinktales encompasses delving into inability syndromes that mostly develop with roots in the mind. Treatable conditions of deficient sleep and fading memory are active topics.


Research ought to lead to innovations. thinktales shall objectively develop string of incremental to breakthrough innovations significantly augmenting the value delivery in the ‘resource’.

Communication concepts that enrich / revive relationships

Nurturing relationships

thinktales presents a range of innovative download-and-use modules for facilitating impactful communication between individuals; closely related and otherwise as well, primarily as an influencing facility that can lead to nurturing and maturing relationships and also in helping revive relationships that show signs of being troubled or are troubled.

Communication concepts that define issues / evolve effective solutions

Similarly, the resource also presents innovative modules that facilitate purposeful conversations among stakeholders in social service organizations, such as education, healthcare etc. and in work places on issues that can remove root causes of possible stressful situations.

do it now! brain train modules

Think feed

thinktales research generates a flow of thought provoking illustrated hypothetical Think-It-Out challenges regualarly about; relationships, associations and situations in seeding active thinking at an individual level and also as topic of discussions within social groups towards reinforcing the ideal approach to challenging issues and situations.

Think-It-Out modules are developed through structured research with appealing presentation design and shall be created with the potential to run across social media on viral mode. These 'think' initiators while seeding mature thoughts across issues in the society would also incidentally create awareness for the enlightening and therapeutic resource at thinktales.

Brain train modules

The larger thinktales research project includes sustained research on harder issues such as; sleeplessness, failing memory and bad mood conditions. thinktales resource also delivers online mental resource reinforcement modules in helping alleviate such situations in programmed and progressive sets.

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